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Financial Domination Pay Piggies

Gain My attention and elicit a response

Open a account,

place some money from your bank account in it, send £s to:

to that will show how serious you

are! Webcam to webcam Sessions available. gift vouchers to


Fisting - (flat palm or fist punching)- novices or regulars

Cock and Ball Torture - Custom designed Humbler/Ball Crusher, Cock Stocks/Bondage Board, Ball Crusher, Cock and Ball Presses (see below for all activities)

Nipple Torture - (see below for all activities)


Slave Training

Generalised - Slave Positions, Collar and Leash

Sissy Maid / Sissy Lady / Sissy Slut (No dressing service offered)

Indoor Pet - Dog, Pony, Cat

Human Furniture - in Restraints or 'Willing Victim'


Short Term and Extended

Custom Built Swedish Furniture - Full Length Whipping / Bondage Bench and High Backed Bondage Chair, Vertical Bondage Frame

Metal - Handcuffs, Chains and Padlocks, Spreader Bars, Steel Bondage Mittens

Wooden Custom Made Cock and Ball Presses and Stocks/Bondage Board

Leather Straps and a mono sleeve armbinder


Mummification with Clingfilm

Tie and Tease

Corporal Punishment

In Restraints or 'Willing Victim'

From Mild Warm Sensation with no Marking to Medium and Severe

Caning: Light

Red Palembang Nursery Cane - Popular at the end of the 19th Century. Warming and stingy without causing heavy marking. Ideal for palms, soles, inner thighs and the back of calves.

White Willow Cane - A traditional household cane which is a lightweight, junior size.


Kooboo - Nursery, junior and senior
Used at home and by public school Prefects since mid-19th Century. The most flexible, whippy and stings the most.

Rattan - Nursery, junior and senior


Dragon - Reformatory, the ultimate cane, dense, a special type of rattan, very strong, tremendous thud.

Bamboo Baton

Artificial Sjambok

Plastic hexagonal cane

Flogging: (leather, suede, rubber)

Paddling: (bat or straight shaped, leather, suede, wooden, metal studded)

Cropping, Hairbrushes, Rubber Hose, Razor Strop and Lochgelly Tawse

Cock and Ball Torture - CBT

In Restraints or 'Willing Victim'

Beating, Slapping, Pinching, Stretching, Binding, Clamping, Wax and Ice Play, Irritable Substances


Google Images: for black Knee high leather 'Pleaser Delight 2020', black ankle high leather 'Pleaser Adore 1020' and black ankle pvc with metal heel 'Pleaser Heat 1015'

All Over Safe Body Areas, Forehead, Chest, Genitals, Thighs

Specific Areas - Cock and Ball

Ball Busting

Pointed Toed Boot Kicking

Heel Jabbing and Squashing

Pussy Torture

Beating, Slapping, Pinching, Stretching, Binding, Clamping, Wax and Ice Play, Irritable Substances and Insertions

Nipple Torture - NT

Also Female Breast Torture

In Restraints or 'Willing Victim'

Beating, Slapping, Pinching, Stretching, Scratching, Binding, Clamping, Wax and Ice Play

Anal Training

Penis Dildo, Fingering and Fisting, Anal Beads, Anal Probes, Inflatable Beads, Anal Plugs, Aneros MGX prostate massager, Steel Speculum

(No Strap On Used until you are a regular)

Oral Training

With a 8 inch Porn Star Cock Dildo

With Mistresses Boot Heels


Boot, Leg, Stocking Top Worship

No other form of intimate body worship permitted

Tied and Teased

Sexual Relief (Hands Only) if you beg eloquently enough

Chastity Training

Bring along your own Cock Cage or Female Chastity Belt

Marking (non permanent) and Fitting Ceremony

Madam Keyholder service

Fetish or Activity Not Listed?

Politely mention this in your application email.

Activities I Will NOT Engage In

Anything Illegal - the harm or sexual abuse of Children, Animals or Blackmail and Kidnap.

Piercing, blood letting, cutting, messy medical scenes.

Sexual Activity - a Dominant Mistress is not a sex worker.

Double Domming - A premises with more than two people working in it at any one time, even if not at the same time, is a brothel.
A premises doesn't need to include sex or cash to be considered a brothel under current laws.

Poppers / Amyl Nitrate or any form of drugs/alcohol.

Scat or Golden Showers.

Breath Play.

Foot worship - I am always in footwear.

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